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What is Scribe?

Scribe is a tool that was built for the Steem community to mainly help track abusers on the platform. There were numerous instances where people used to plagiarise content on steem and once they got upvoted by a bot, would edit the post to the content "Testing". Additionally, users who participated in cryptoacademy would also misuse the community votes by posting early and editing the post later on by copying a post that was made after their initial post.

With Scribe, you will now be able track such malpractices. Scribe provides you the details of every single edit that is made by a particular user on a post. As all this data is present on a blockchain, it is impossible for anyone to hide their edit history. So, the abuse finders on Steem can easily catch the bad actors.

How to use Scribe?

To use Scribe, you need to find the steemit URL for a particular post that has been edited. Then simly enter the URL in the search bar above. Scribe will pick up the details of a particular post by using the SDS APIs and the display it in the UI in a readable format.
Do keep in mind that Scribe cannot retrieve any deleted posts from the blockchain. However, the data is still on the blockchain. So, feel free to contact me for info on deleted posts.

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